The Summit

The FMCG industry has undergone a protracted consumption slowdown, and faces what looks like a tedious path to recovery. Business leaders must keep looking ahead to invest in ways of working that will help engineer getting back to double digit growth through a rapid penetration increase, culminating in serving more consumers more completely. Some of the ‘good old rules’ of purposeful choice-making in product, communication, distribution, etc. will no doubt apply, as will disciplined execution. In addition, the digital revolution in India has already altered markets significantly in many industries. With the FMCG sector also witnessing this trend, business leaders must quickly pivot to ride the technology wave (rather than treat it as a disruption) to get closer to the consumer.

In order to enable business leaders overcome the enormous challenges being faced by the FMCG Sector due to a protracted consumption slowdown and weakening consumer sentiment, the Confederation of Indian Industry is organizing the National FMCG Summit on December 18, 2019 at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The Summit will feature the very best of Indian FMCG leaders who have made great progress over the past decade towards becoming “scale insurgents” and Insurgency is critical to the way brands are establishing themselves and scaling up. The Summit will also feature leaders who have built and rejuvenated enduring brands with purpose that resonate with millions of consumers across economic and social strata. Participants will hear the perspectives on the emergence of a full stack retailer who can identify pockets of need, create and serve demand meaningfully by being in close contact with the consumer. Serving billions of consumers day after day has led to a heavy impact on nature. The challenge for business leaders is to grow rapidly yet sustainably and how they can drive sustainability as a core value across every single consumer interaction, every day.

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The Key Objectives of the conference are as follows:
a) To highlight the different policy dimensions and consumption patterns and to identify the major growth enablers which will help drive and transform the FMCG landscape in the future

b) To be held as a signature and impact generating initiative that will showcase emerging trends and new dimensions in the FMCG sector

c) Highlight transformative marketing trends in the context of changes in consumer centric technologies and behavior

d) Showcase contemporary approaches to overcome the challenges posed by disruptive competition and emerging technologies

e) Deliberate upon robust business plans based on state of the art research and findings

  • 300+

  • 5

  • 20+

Components of The Initiative

  • keynote

    Keynote Presentations & Panel Discussions

  • prespective

    Perspective Sharing by Domain Experts, Industry & Thought Leaders

  • research

    Research & Case Study Presentations


Opening Plenary

Back to the Future – Building Brands that Endure

  • How does the marketer of tomorrow build brands that can be relevant to millions of consumers across socio-economic segments?
  • What are the learnings from the best in building iconic brands through long form communication?
  • In an increasingly digital future, how will the iconic brands of many years and decades standing stay relevant, fresh, and as deeply connected?.
  • How can brands make purpose a core element of their offering given how important wider elements in life and society are for millennials and Gen-Z consumers?

New / Improved – NPD by Insurgents and Incumbents

  • Insurgent consumer brands backed by VC and PE are becoming salient across various categories in Indian FMCG market: they continue to grow and gain share from incumbents. What are the lessons that a leading investor in this area can share with us?
  • While dozens of insurgent brands fall by the wayside, what does it take to scale a brand with consumer traction?

Pipeline Churn – FMCG Distribution of the Future

  • The FMCG route to market is rapidly transforming into a technology driven route to consumer, enabling brands to get much closer to consumers. Participants will hear about how one of India’s newest unicorns is taking the vast, diverse India retail universe by storm through technology and driving digital adoption at scale.
  • Participants will learn from Industry leaders on how they plan to pivot to a digitally enabled route to consumer and significantly improve their quantity and quality of reach.
  • Given the advent of e-commerce and omni-channel becoming the new normal, what does it really mean to be a full stack retailer? How can the retailer of tomorrow work with brands to drive consumer penetration and sustained engagement?

Low Impact High Growth – FMCG and Sustainability

  • While brands embed purpose and keep consumers at the center of everything they do, what do the regulators and governments have to do to protect and promote consumer’s and society’s interests? What does this mean for big FMCG players, retailers and insurgent brands backed by private investors?
  • What does the ideal framework of the future look like to ensure that policy-making is inclusive?
  • Sustainability is gaining traction amongst consumer brands as a core value. How can brands chart a more sustainable path while staying true to their shareholders and giving consumers the experience they come to the brand for?

Concluding Plenary